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Welcome to the World Of Joyful Power


We work deeply with one CEO (and Fortune 1000 organization) at a time to supercharge their power by connecting them with the Divine.


A Message from Sue Elliott, Joyful Power CEO:

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You can think of me as your own personal angel.

I help you access Divine wisdom and guidance. And I help you release anything in the way of you living your full power and potency.

I am dedicated to you and your empowerment … in the most magical way.

This encompasses your entire life — and your organization. We’re talking almost unimaginable levels of:

  • potency

  • inspiration

  • focus

  • clarity

  • compassion and

  • joy

First, I help you find your highest vision for yourself, your life and your organization — a vision that’s 100% in alignment with your magnificent uniqueness, your own personal superpowers and Divine intent.

Then my team joins in to help us make that vision a reality within your business and your life, so you actually live that vision each and every day.

This is the full embodiment of Joyful Power. It is the entrée to a delicious life filled with magic and miracles. And it is the way we work together to create Heaven on Earth.


“The very essence of leadership, going out ahead to show the way, derives from more than usual openness to inspiration.

“Why would anybody accept the leadership of another except that the other sees more clearly where it is best to go?”

—Robert K. Greenleaf