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Welcome to the World Of Joyful Power


We work with one CEO (and organization) at a time to supercharge their power through connection with the Divine.


A Message from Sue Elliott, Joyful Power CEO:

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You can think of me as your own personal angel.

I help you access Divine wisdom and guidance. And I help you release anything in the way of you living your full power and potency.

I am dedicated to you and your empowerment … in the most magical way.

This encompasses your entire life — and your organization.

We’re talking about almost unimaginable levels of potency, clarity, focus, compassion, joy, love, insight and inspiration.

I will help you find your highest vision for yourself, your life and your organization — a vision that’s 100% in alignment with your magnificent uniqueness, your own personal superpowers and Divine intent.

Then my team and I will help you make that vision a reality, so you actually live that vision each and every day.

This is the full embodiment of Joyful Power. It is the entrée to a delicious life filled with magic and miracles. And it is the way we work together to create Heaven on Earth.